Stand Out From The Crowd

Time Devine brings you the Ocean Blue series a top quality watch designed with a new unique vision. Affordable luxury for everyone.

And yes we do know how to spell, we just like to be a little controversial!
Our vision is to create watches that inspire and become an extension of you. At Time Devine we have you in mind ineverything we do. Always making sure to keep to our core values. Today everybody has a smart phone to check the time, but when you have elegance on you wrist it becomes a different experience all together.

Believe it or not putting on a watch that you love makes you feel empowered And full of confidence. There's nothing better than wearing a watch that everybody is looking at. We pride our selves on creating something that is functional, stylish and affordable for everyone.

A Watch For All Occasions

Luminescent Hand And Dial-Stainless steel quick release buckle

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The Ultimate Luxury Watch

✔ Polished Stainless Steel Smooth Bezel.
✔ Water proof to 30m
✔ Quartz movement

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This Is Ocean Blue

With its masculine design, polished stainless-steel band, robust construction, This watch boasts confidence and sophistication, With all the features you could ever need. This is not your regular watch, it's a must have!

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